Meet DINO 230VT
Driving to work. Made easier.

Meet Jussi
Jussi is a maintenance engineer on our after sales team. Working closely with our product designers, he helps turn your ideas and feedback into safer, more reliable lifts.

Higher. Lighter. Smarter.

Meet Tomi
Tomi makes cylinders for DINO lifts. He operates a robot and welds by hand. All this, so you can be 100% confident that quality and reliability are always in good hands.

All-terrain excellence

Meet Antti
Antti works in new product development. An experienced mechanical engineer, he knows the ins and outs of building user-friendly lifts. His latest handiwork is visible in the 105TL, 280RXT and 220RXT models.

Reach high. Travel light.

Meet Sanna
Sanna installs switchboards and electrical wiring on our lifts. A qualified electrician, she makes sure each Dino model is powered up and ready to take you up to the job.

11 tips for choosing the right options

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Sometimes lifting operations can require additional versatility or you may want to further increase the efficiency and safety of your work. Download our free guide and read more.

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DINO lightweight family grows

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Dinolift launched a new lightweight 4x4 boom lift with outriggers, DINO 220RXT.

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DINO 230VT is driving Dinolift to new heights!

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The new vehicle-mounted DINO 230VT is a truly roadworthy addition to the Dino fleet.

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New member in DINO Sales team

Maija Eerola has been appointed as Sales Coordinator in DINO Sales team.

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New HR Manager at Dinolift

Reija Högerman has been appointed as HR Manager at Dinolift.

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New Distributor for Dinolift in Belgium

Avant Machinery is the new DINO Distributor for Belgium.

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Hur transportera en bomlift till byggplatsen?

Att använda lätta bomliftar har många fördelar, inte minst då det gäller transporten. ✅Kostnadseffektivitet - Två lätta bommar får plats i en container. ✅Inget behov av ytterligare transporttillstånd för extra breda, höga, långa eller tunga laster. ✅Liftarna kan transporteras på underlag som normalt sett inte klarar tunga laster. ✅Miljöfördelar - mindre koldioxidutsläpp

Transporting lightweight booms to the building site

Whether you choose an articulated or a lightweight boom for your work at hand, you need to transport the lift to the required destination. See our blog and find out how to properly prepare your MEWP for transit. 👉

Kan en dieseldriven personlift vara miljövänlig?

🌎Vilka är miljöfördelarna med att välja en 60% lättare bomlift? 👉

Dino Family – At Your service!

We are here to support you and your DINO lightweight MEWP, so feel free to contact us directly at the factory or through our professional distributor network.

The DINO MEWP range: click here to contact factory sales personnel.

DINO service and technical support: click here to contact factory tech support.

DINO spare parts: click here to contact factory spare parts service.

DINO distributor in your country: click here to see the complete list of authorized DINO distributors.


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