Dinolift is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality and reliable DINO skylift products for safe working at heights. DINO skylifts are manufactured in Finland since 40 years, the main product being trailer mounted skylifts. The DINO range also includes spiders, self-propelled skylifts with outriggers and boom lifts without outriggers.

DINO skylift products are known for their reliability, safety, and functionality and are produced according to high quality standards.

DINO skylift is reliable choice

DINO skylift products are easy to use and easy to maintain. Platforms above 12 meter working height are all equipped with continuous rotation of the boom and basket rotation and trailer mounted work platforms have driving system as standard equipment. The stable boom movements combined with accurate proportional steering in all lifts above 13.5 meter gives the operator an enjoyable and safe user experience.
Self-propelled platforms are equipped with powerful engines for easy operation in demanding outside conditions.

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